I began piano lessons at the age of seven with a traditional, classically trained, Portuguese lady by the name of Paula McDougal. Mrs. McDougal was a part of the Music Teacher’s of California and participated in the Certificate of Merit program of which I completed by age seventeen. I began teaching when I was approached by a family friend and asked if I would teach his daughter. I was fifteen at the time! From then on, my little studio grew almost overnight to three students- which is why I have always called my studio “The Studio of 3”. I have had seasons where my studio has been up to 63 weekly private students!

After some time away from music, I decided to try opening a music school which had always been a dream of mine. I knew Lodi desperately needed one! In 2015 I opened B Sharp School of Music- which is to this day one of the things that I am most proud of. Two years later I opened a second location which I still own with a business partner. I had no idea how it would grow! After having my first child, I soon realized that owning a business the size of the Lodi store was simply too much for me to handle and I reluctantly sold it to it’s current owners- who are still to this day, people that I love and admire.

I love music. I love teaching. I love what music does to a community and how it can unify people!

Now I am back into the swing of teaching piano. My first love and something that I am able to work at and still be present for my little son at home.

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