We are at B Sharp but would like to switch to you. What is your policy on taking B Sharp Students? 

Out of respect for the teachers at B Sharp, many of whom are still dear friends, I will ask you to please communicate to your current teacher about why you would like to switch. If you have already done so, I will ask you to come back to me in another two or three months if you still have not changed your mind. I call this a “cooling off period”. If you were a former student of mine, I will ask for you to wait at least five months in addition to communicating to B Sharp admin and teacher. I will never pursue a former student of B Sharp unless they have contacted me independently.

How young can I start my child in piano?

I teach children as young as 3! I would prefer that 3 year olds be in a group class. 4 year olds are able to usually handle a 15 minute private lesson. I DO NOT require or even suggest practicing at this age! Lessons are merely intended to be an introduction. We may sing songs, play music games and dance.

Do you teach adults?

Yes I do!

Where do you teach?

I teach many out of The Music Box- 101 E. Lodi Ave. Lodi, Ca.